Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Video De Travesti This Is What Spanish People Think Is Funny?

This is what spanish people think is funny? - video de travesti

I have it from a website
FUNNY Spanish phrases / sentences some of Bitless
It is simply the joy of the following sentences in Spanish above are designed to make people laugh. Be careful - some of them get into trouble.

1. Can you call a doctor for the United Nations? A small German shepherd my left leg.

1. Can you call a doctor? A German shepherd has bitten my left leg.

2. I was hoping that you will remember that I will have this tattoo.

2. I hoped she remembered how he has this tattoo.

3. If I have the shoe, you can call me Cinderella.

3. If the shoe fits, you can give me Cinderella.

4. I am not the owner of the donkey, the rent.

4. I have no ass, which is a lease.

5. I do not have much fun since the seventies years.

5. I do not have as much fun since the seventies.

6. You are to draw the most beautiful girl in the bar.

6. You're the prettiest girl in the bar, but you're a transvestite.

My Spanish friends, the # 1 fun I like is 6
Check out this music video is great
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAXG4hb_E ...


  1. xD I think it's funny pic
    The Goonies

  2. nargles& dirigibleplums ♥February 20, 2010 at 7:26 PM

    lmaoo! I thought it was funny XD
    but again with laughter.
    I laugh at a loaf of bread type, maybe I'm asking the wrong person that is funny LOL!
    XD me litterally rolling on the floor reading # 1 and # 3 and # 6
    No time to see the music vid. I will check later and edit, to put this issue to you, whether I like it.